• First and foremost I have to say I absolutely love Renee, she made my second pregnancy/ birthing experience so smooth and had me at ease. I didn't exactly have a good experience with my first time around and decided that the difference for me would be having a doula this time and I was completely right!  Renee from the moment I met her had a calming presence that made me feel like I was in good hands.  She checked in with me weekly and the closer to my due date, she would check in on me daily.  She was there for every step.  Unfortunately I had to have a c-section cause my little girl was breech but even when my fears of having to have this procedure done, she was so supportive.  I did try everything to try to turn her with suggestion from Renee such as acupuncture, moxibustion, reiki, lavender oil, cat-cow yoga poses, etc.  I even had a version procedure done which Renee was there for and was able to help keep me calm with such a difficult procedure. Unfortunately it didn't work but Renee guided me through encouraging me on how well able to handle it.   The day of my c-section Renee was part of my "A-team" supporting me and keeping me calm when part of me wanted to break down.  I went into surgery with a positive mind knowing all would be OK and that I have the best support around me.  I would recommend Renee's services whether this is your first time birthing or your tenth.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and the best part is no matter what path your birthing experience should take she is 110% supportive with all your decisions and there are no judgments.  It really is about what is best for you and what you would like to gain out of the experience!                                            MO - Posted 12/14/2016

  • Doula Renee was great and offered exactly the right kind of support! I was extremely nervous and worried about the birth of my first child, but Renee's experience and calm demeanor put me at ease. She met with my husband and I in advance to talk about our wishes and birth plan so that she would know how best to support us. She made herself available 24 hrs a day and promptly got back to me- even in the middle of the night! She always had an answer to my questions and never made me feel as if I were inconveniencing her. On the big day she was extraordinary! She was extremely supportive and encouraging and knew exactly what I needed to feel better- even before I did! She is very knowledgable and gave me great tips which helped during labor and even now as I learn to care for my newborn. I am definitely calling on Doula Renee for any future babies and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic doula!                                                                                                                           CH - Posted 10/22/2013


  • Renee was my special Doula for the birth of my second daughter. I met with several Doulas before meeting Renee and I almost decided against hiring a Doula after my exhausted search. However, in one last leap of faith, I spoke to Renee and immediately I knew she was the one. I instantly felt a connection with her and her genuine and caring nature made me feel rest assured that my second labor will be an enjoyable one. I was certainly right. Renee is one of the most caring women I have ever met. She is extremely patient and truly cares about her clients and their needs. She listens and gives great advice that works with your specific situation and needs. Her calming voiced helped me so much during my labor that I almost decided to go drug-free for the rest of my labor. I was able to rely on her strength and calm nature through everything, from the questions, concerns I had before my labor began all the way to the moment I held my daughter in my arms. She truly made the experience for me and my fiance wonderful one. My first labor was a bit traumatic and I was determined to not let that happen this time. With Renee's wonderful caring assistance, I can look back on my labor process and smile. Because of her help, I was able to spend the first night with my daughter and exclusively breast-feed her, something I couldn't do the first time. Thank you so much Renee for helping me achieve the labor I desired. My family and I will always treasure all that you did for us and truly feel you are part of our family. God bless you and your family.                                                                                                  AJ - posted 9/16/2013



  • As a first time, mom-to-be, I had a laundry list of to-do's and decisions to be made regarding the birth of my daughter. One of the most important decisions I made during my pregnancy was to hire a Doula. So, after meeting with Renee, I knew she would be the one to best help me achieve the experience I wanted. Cool, calm and collected was what I needed and that's Renee's natural demeanor.
    During my 35 hour hospital labor; her patience was unwavering. You may have heard the expression "She has the patience of a saint." Well, now I believe that should be changed to "She has the patience of a Doula."
    What I found most helpful was Renee's ability to read my body language. It helped us communicate without me having to say a word! She is so in tune with the birthing process, it allows her to provide for the laboring mother intuitively, making it so much easier for the mother to get what she needs, when she needs.
    Through the ups and downs of my long and exhausting labor, Renee was by my side helping my Fiance and I stay focused and make important decisions. Her ability to provide such strength and support gave me the confidence I needed to literally "push" through and get the job done.
    Outside of the hospital; Renee's support and knowledge were extended to me in the weeks leading up to my delivery as well as a number of weeks postpartum. Her services proved invaluable and it was her support that got us through.
    Renee went above and beyond in my opinion. It's most obvious she is passionate about everything she does and as a client I couldn't be more satisfied!(Daughter born May 25th 2013)                                         BK - posted 6/17/2013                                         


  • I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met Renee and have her with me at the birth of my son. I felt secure and comfortable with her presence. She is loving, compassionate and very patient individual. She is very knowledgeable in her field and provides great advice. I can't say enough about her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.                                                                                                                               FB - posted 1/12/2011



  • I never had doula for my 1st daughter because I never understood what doula stand for. My 1st daughter was breech (C-section with her). So, my sister Yineth told me about doula and she helped me look for it. We found Renee! I hired Renee for the last minute during my 37 weeks pregnant for my 2nd daughter. By the way, I am Hard Of Hearing and she knew how to make me understand her. She definitely made me feel comfort at the last minute of my labor in the early morning. Renee helped me through contractions before we arrived at the hospital. Throughout my labor, Renee was very knowledgeable, caring, and patient. She is so great with massage to reduce the pain on my back. Renee also answered all my questions quickly with all of my concerns through text message and during my braxton hicks too! She is so great! I will recommend you to have Renee as your doula!                                              JG - posted 12/13/2010



  • Renee is a very dependable individual. She definitely made me feel comfort from the first day I met her. Throughout my labor Renee was very knowledgeable, caring, kind, patient and gentle. Renee has also been available after my labor to answer any questions. I feel confident in recommending Renee.                                          NSJ -posted 9/23/2010


  • I used Renee Hennings for the water birth of my second daughter, Gabriella, in Aug 2009.  Words can barely describe how wonderful my birth experience was, and how amazing Renee was for the entire birth process.  I interviewed Renee and right away knew she was the doula for me.  I felt like she was a strong person, emotionally and physically, was personable, and would keep me feeling safe and comforted through my birth process.  She was always available by phone or email at the drop of a hat.  I was afraid to go to my midwife for an internal exam toward the end of my pregnancy, and Renee literally held my hand for the visit.  She had me relaxed, laughing, and comfortable.  As my birth neared and anxieties increased, she eased my mind with an ear to listen, advice when I needed it, and came to my house to just check in with how I was doing.  I felt like she was going the extra mile before we even got to the birthing room.  Renee made it clear that she was there for me, no matter what or when.  The day of my birth, Renee helped me through contractions before we arrived at the hospital, responding quickly, lovingly, and efficiently to my needs.  I arrived at the hospital with the clear realization that she would be a rock for me to lean on.  During my birth, she held my hand, rubbed my arm, used essential oils on my feet, helped me in the shower; did whatever I needed.  She even photographed our unmedicated water birth.  These memories and pictures I will forever cherish and they would not have been possible without her there.  Would I recommend Renee to friends? Absolutely.  In fact, if I have another child, Renee is at the top of my call list!                                                                                HS - Posted 8/25/2009

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